From Ten to Twenties

June to September is Rainy Season in India. These years it seems to have taken rest for two to three weeks of June and it planned to proceed last week onwards. It is not a good sign for farmers as well as to the people who manage city’s water supply and to those who get... Continue Reading →


The Best January!

Every person has a story to tell so do I. I was at twelfth grade at High School College and had a crush on a girl from a same residential area in the town. Well technically I had crush on her two three years before that but never felt like telling anyone. But since I... Continue Reading →

The Day on the Riverbank

“Hey! It’s raining outside and what ‘a you doing, let’s play!” Said one of my childhood friends when I lived in village, I mostly savored those times. School-time was 9 am to 5 pm with one hour interval after every subject that too lasted for an hour max and sometimes used to be skipped when it used... Continue Reading →

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