The Light Overshadows

The moment was awesome when he entered into a new world. He was like wow! What a great life I would make here. Everybody seemed cherising his welcome. The world seemed full of light to him as he started his journey on the earth. Well the world to him was his surrounding, the people around... Continue Reading →


Let’s speak 

“Hi there! Yes, you hi! How are you?” I am good but who in the world are you and bother to ask me  such a stupid question! Well I thought of saying that but that would be inappropriate of me so instead I frowned and waited for next dialogue. “Well you look ugly that way... Continue Reading →

Happy Streets- Kalyani Nagar

It is a great pleasure to be part of this locality. Today I witnessed another happy Sunday by hundreds of Kalyanian's! The kind of activities these organiser's select is tremendously appreciable. The Happy Streets is an event organized on every Sunday in some or other locale. This event comprises of activities like, Cycling which is... Continue Reading →

Don’t bother! They will figure their way out!

I had stopped writing and suddenly I feel like doing it again because I recently met a friend and my friend's thought made me think over again. What my friend thinks is that how much rut these people live in, by 'these people' means people living in cities "How boring their lives are and how... Continue Reading →

The old lady who lived by the bench.

Today I am sitting out on the bench having tea from nearby tea stall. Don't ask why no coffee! While it has been days that have been here didn't know what really has changed. I can assure you, there must have been many changes around here in peoples life as well as development but not... Continue Reading →

Basera :)


Shiv kept staring at the cieling fan under which he was lying down on his yoga mat. In the peaceful silence and darkness of the night he was trying to listen to the music of the rains outside. But on either of his sides were two of his room mates who were swimming deep in the sea of sleep and unconciously competing with each other with their loud snores. Both were equally loud and unpleasant to listen to. To add to this there were couple of mosquitoes singing and dancing loudly around his ears. But admist all this shiv lied unmoved with both his hands on his chest staring at the cieling fan. Slowly with his right hand he tried reaching for his mobile to check what was the time. he wasnt suprised to see that its been just 5 hrs he had slept but his eyes were wide open…

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From Ten to Twenties

June to September is Rainy Season in India. These years it seems to have taken rest for two to three weeks of June and it planned to proceed last week onwards. It is not a good sign for farmers as well as to the people who manage city’s water supply and to those who get... Continue Reading →

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