My Solo Trip to Ankai Fort

So called solo trips are awesome only when you want to have time of your own, because you wouldn’t want the same people around with different surroundings since it makes things little awkward because sometimes these small solo trips are important for you to rediscover yourself. Going out with buddies is fun and there’s no denial to that but sometimes you gotta have time for yourself. It was difficult at the beginning to begin with my journey. I had been planning on to go somewhere for time of my own but it really wasn’t the reality since I got few more contacts added in my phone hence few more to be away from. I think it’s human nature to socialize and stay socialized but that’s okay I can live with that for now. The reason I chose this location was because when I was young I used to travel there once a year with my father on 3rd Monday of “Shrawan” month. I have never followed these dates however I had hunch that this time of year there will be people thronging to this place out of devotion. I had other plans though, I wanted to climb and reach at the top and stay there quiet with no words to utter to anyone just quietness, I had everything pictured that I would reach the peak by 7 am and bathe in cold water. Since I chose a company along I had no choice but keep moving with them. The fort is 3200 feet above sea level and 900 feet above the plain, I didn’t feel big deal to climb it when I was young but I realised the age difference when I actually started climbing. The initial part is quite difficult to climb since it must be made purposely to dissuade the enemy from attacking and keeping their pace slow. I have no idea what they considered while building it but it was real difficult to climb. The main reason it was difficult was also because of its steepness, I wanted to avoid going up so early since it was only 11 pm but came the thought to mind that Monday isn’t Holiday. I reached the peak around 12:30 am not that I remember the time however it was around that. I couldn’t get a solitary moment since the company I got along thrived not to leave me behind lest I got lost. Since it was my first unplanned and unimagined trip I can forgive myself, at least I was away from the very location where I worked and lived! I wish I could add pictures here but trip began and ended in night. I still have some pictures though:

The people who accompanied me


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