The Light Overshadows

The moment was awesome when he entered into a new world. He was like wow! What a great life I would make here. Everybody seemed cherising his welcome. The world seemed full of light to him as he started his journey on the earth. Well the world to him was his surrounding, the people around him. It was hard at first to make out what everyone was making sound of but time here on earth teaches everything , to some at a pace of snail or little too fast to some but it certainly does. He was born with curiousity or was he brought into the world out of curiosity he is neither sure, I guess fun is the right word at the moment. As the time passed voices became mode of communication and expressions made more sense than just frowns, anyways the world is darker there until the real picture starts featuring. Suddenly the voices start sounding like screames and expressions like threats and gestures as warnings. Well everything meant to make sense here it really was except that everyone out here was trying to make a survival. Some seemed less bothered about survival since that was the last they thought about since they had the medicine to cure it and others had to work hard to make it available thus survival for some seemed easy and for some little too harsh either ways everyone seems to pass time here on this “little earth” in this universe. If god does its charisma, things might look little different but God itself is manifestion of our thoughts some say but I hardly agree since he is the only one seems making most sense by not coming in real life and showing his presence because if he ever comes across then things might not be the same because we will start reasoning him like in todays world we worship the leaders of the country and after a time start criticising. Well, the baby boy followed the religion (set of rules to worship gods? Does he really have to? He was born free but needed support to stand and is it because of that? No the god seems greater than we would imagine hence dragging everyone to worship doesn’t makes sense because he would only expect you to flourish without any boundries, but rules are being taught and being passed on everytime a newborn is brought into the world) which his parents followed thus became the family name and all other things along with it not really sure what sense it makes as he is pure slate and anything can be written on it. He is an empty canvas and a painter has all his intruments to make the picture better or ruin it. The best would be to draw a colourfull picture of him that it passes on than what really is being taught to you but seems difficult because we live in world of societies hence we have got to be more adoptive to societies than our innerselves.

The dark is only employer that makes you do the hard work otherwise light can only let you live without making aware of darkness however darkness still exists because light exists to let go of darkness or is it light that creates darkness neither can be untrue. He might be early to understand or too late to agree with but truth be told that shadow can only be seen in presence of light. All that is happening is a result of darkness we allowed ourselves to be consumed of. There is no way the darkness will go away nor do i think the light. I think we are good with light and darkness around us since it makes life interesting.


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