Listen to Your Inner Voice

The begining seems so wow now. Maybe pastimes are considered the greatest times of our lifetime. Well,the struggling part feels so great at this very moment, maybe time heals all the wounds and keeps brighter side for the remembrance. I consider myself lost around those who I considere my family and my world because I consider them as obstacles. “And obstacles to what? Are you sure what you are talking about?” Asks my inner self. “I just want to feel free to roam around the world, I have been avoiding this for a while now but cannot anymore since time is running out!”. “You cannot abandon your family and your little world just because you’re running out of time, but you can priotize what you need the most.” Said the inner me. I guess that’s true. “You have to do what is best for you than what others might want you to be part of. The world is important but sometimes taking time out for yourself is as important as breathing.” Well that lit me up!

I have been thinking of travelling as many places as possible after taking time off from work and that really is difficult after contemplating this over. Sometimes doing things is easier than what anticipation can build up for you hence I have decided that coming week will be adventurous one for me since I have made up my mind and taking a step towards what I really like to do! My day away from the daily chaos is indeed needed. I love my people but folks I gotta try this one on my own!!


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