Let’s speak 

“Hi there! Yes, you hi! How are you?” I am good but who in the world are you and bother to ask me  such a stupid question! Well I thought of saying that but that would be inappropriate of me so instead I frowned and waited for next dialogue. “Well you look ugly that way buddy, give it away and just relax”. Now I am off my temperament and going to knock him down since he disrespected my look which I am very proud of. Well coming to point this out how much do you love yourself? I guess so much. You have so much respect for yourself so great that you may knock someone down and lose all of it because he/she disrespected it. I don’t know how many of you might do that but I reckon many would. My best strategy always works for me which is “Never accept unwanted presents “. 

This was supposed to be a draft but accidentally got posted hence made little changes and posted. I am not sure if whatever I have written makes sense however a good one should follow shortly….


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