Happy Streets- Kalyani Nagar

It is a great pleasure to be part of this locality. Today I witnessed another happy Sunday by hundreds of Kalyanian’s! The kind of activities these organiser’s select is tremendously appreciable.

The Happy Streets is an event organized on every Sunday in some or other locale. This event comprises of activities like, Cycling which is major activity considering the queue at the free cycle lending counter just opposite Big Cinamas Theatre. I am not sure of the thing how they lend it and against what security so we will keep this business aside. Well, if there is horde of cyclers around on the streets wouldn’t it be difficult to ride on the busy street of Kalyani Nagar? Yes, that’s already been taken care of by local police by blocking certain area of the street specially for this activity. So every one from the locale can perform whatever activities they prefer to. I have witnessed people in their mid forties playing musical chair! While strolling on the street, it was noticed that there were bunch of badminton nets hooked, a part of the street was reserved for soccer players, although i didn’t find that more interesting, because I hardly can imagine playing game like that on a cemented road. Then there is main attention drawer, the loud music and Zumba dance! People just get into it. Loved the enthusiasm by many and specially by the Zumba dance instructor Khushboo Punjabi. There is stage where dancers perform their act on that loud music and horde of people follow the suit, as an activity to burn calories I would love to do that however having a shy nature avoided, held one of my mates wallet and spectacles enjoyed the spectatorship!

Hope to see these Sundays often next time me part of Zumba activity!! Until then


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