Don’t bother! They will figure their way out!

I had stopped writing and suddenly I feel like doing it again because I recently met a friend and my friend’s thought made me think over again.

What my friend thinks is that how much rut these people live in, by ‘these people’ means people living in cities “How boring their lives are and how oblivious they are of this, I feel pity for them.” I do disagree with my friend to some extent. Every other person has their own way of looking at things. One may like living life surrounded by buildings and other may like quietness of jungle. One may have to decide what they prefer best and not blame what others may be doing. After all you just do what you like, right? One group of people may like traveling and other may just want to spend their life working 24/7 for an organization, what’s the deal in that? I like clubbing and you may not, so I am to blame you? You cannot just accuse someone of not living their life to fullest just because they don’t do what what you like the most. By assuming that someone or a group of people are not happy if that makes you sad or anything of that sort then it is time for you to reassess yourself. Because you are ruining your own small world by the thought of someone not being happy. People may have different meaning for happiness. The best thing you and me can do is to live the moments and enjoy what’s coming our way. Forget future, past and focus on present. More we learn to live in present better we become.

There can be ups and downs in everyone’s life. By ups and downs I mean emotional as well as financial and one cannot get rid either of these. I believe that everyone have to work their own way out, the situation they fall in and at times they need to seek help.

We also need to make sure that happiest moments can always be found around you, all you need to do is mould yourself according to situations. Try it and you will get back to me at least once! Don’t bother about others they will figure their own way out someday.


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