Month: August 2014

Basera :)


Shiv kept staring at the cieling fan under which he was lying down on his yoga mat. In the peaceful silence and darkness of the night he was trying to listen to the music of the rains outside. But on either of his sides were two of his room mates who were swimming deep in the sea of sleep and unconciously competing with each other with their loud snores. Both were equally loud and unpleasant to listen to. To add to this there were couple of mosquitoes singing and dancing loudly around his ears. But admist all this shiv lied unmoved with both his hands on his chest staring at the cieling fan. Slowly with his right hand he tried reaching for his mobile to check what was the time. he wasnt suprised to see that its been just 5 hrs he had slept but his eyes were wide open…

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From Ten to Twenties

June to September is Rainy Season in India. These years it seems to have taken rest for two to three weeks of June and it planned to proceed last week onwards. It is not a good sign for farmers as well as to the people who manage city’s water supply and to those who get benefit of it as well(includes me), in short term everyone gets heat of it.

In school days I liked rains not because I cared about above situations instead I had a free mind that could swing in any direction. Splashing water on the riverbank, well that wasn’t allowed during high rains but could that limit us? I did dance in the rain without any fear of catching cold or fever which today I fear. Well, dancing! What is that? You sort of may have a definition for that, correct? Well I didn’t know what dance forms available in the world I was making use of but I certainly was dancing. Today you ask me to dance I sort of have problem, what that problem is, do you know? What people may think since I haven’t practiced either of available dance forms! That is the issue! Nowadays I am trying to get rid this dilemma and focus on what I am thinking of me rather than what others are of me.

Leaving the thing aside of others and me, let’s just begin with me only. I hardly carried umbrella to school and didn’t have fear of getting drenched. Nowadays when it rains I am different person from what I used to be. I however do not carry umbrella but wear a raincoat on bike making sure that not a single drop to touches my body. And when I reach office fighting my way with the heavy rains, I get a feeling of feat that not a single drop reached my ironed clothes. How different have I become? What has changed so much in me that I don’t like drops of this very rains I loved to dance in?

Well with time everything changes but one must make sure they don’t change their attitude ‘especially if it is positive’ and things they love to do. You know what? I have planned not to wear raincoat while riding home even if it is raining heavily!!