Just a sight to change a thought

             Today, I woke up early and found my way to nearest McDonald’s Store for breakfast. The store is hardly 400 meters distance from the place I reside. This is good for morning walk and to burn some calories before you refill. I am not an early riser due to odd working hours but sometimes I make it my duty to. Today’s is one of ‘sometimes’ day and here is my learning for today and thought to make it in writing as well.

      I had plans to sip a cup of tea from somewhere nearby area and go back home, have another nap instead I made courage and dragged myself to store. When I reached the store from outside it seemed like I am little too early for breakfast but it was already 9:30 AM and since I was close enough why not go inside and try my luck? As soon as I opened door I saw a man in his late forties sat at table and a baby girl on the table but none of them seemed to be eating anything or might have eaten in the duration of last 30 minutes but who knows? Another couple sitting at corner having finished their breakfast and looked in the process of leaving.

     I asked for a light breakfast meal to the person at counter who had just appeared when I stepped in and settled in a corner. While sipping coffee because that is what lasted longer than any part of meal! A thought occurred to me that if I follow this routine everyday wouldn’t I be happy or say contented? (I don’t mean lunches & dinner would be here and that too alone) Going to work, being recognized for the best efforts that you put in or doing something that justifies your role in the organization which everyone is aware of, having personal life full of entertainment does not require anything more………Does this really help us live a better life? Well that very moment I saw outside McDonald’s store three strangers, I considered three of them as friends, a girl in her early twenties and two guys in mid twenty and were about to enter store. My thoughts started betraying me even cursing me! How in the world do you think you can be happier without sharing your happiness? I said, “Is it necessary to share happiness?” My thought, “Yes, in this way you also realize that someone is there to see a difference”.  I asked my thought, “Do you mean these three of people who you and I thought are friends, share their happiness?” My Thought, “In some ways they do”. “How can you say that?” I interrupted. “For that you need to give me enough space to think” My thought replied. I was like, “???” Anyway soon I will learn double of that!


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