The Best January!

Every person has a story to tell so do I.

I was at twelfth grade at High School College and had a crush on a girl from a same residential area in the town. Well technically I had crush on her two three years before that but never felt like telling anyone. But since I was at high school and I had this insecurity of someone good looking guy in her college might propose her and she finding no idea about my feeling for her would say yes to that guy. So I had to proceed with my own ideas. My sister Sarah (Not blood relations though) who is her best friend had to take an initiative to tell her that I liked her best friend. I told my sister that I like her best friend and her reactions were, “oh, how is that possible, how can you like Natalie? Well buddy forget that she is out of your reach! Her dad is a very big industrialist and look at you who is nothing I mean nothing!I said I will do anything it takes to reach her as long as I am alive, Sarah well, good for you but I think you should forget about her as she is my best friend and I don’t want to get involved in this.” So my sister refused to help in this matter and I was not so ok but had to be ok with it. (I hated the way my so called sister compared my liking for with her father’s practical accumulation)

Soon news started spreading in the house and so forth and I was left with nothing but a boring irony of thinking not about her. Every member of the house who I respected warned me of doing such a mistake but I didn’t listen to any of them. I started messaging her secretly through a social media site and never received a response though. It was mid-winter and I was wearing my shorts and no sweater on and was shivering a lot, it was one day just after I had sent a text to her; I was asked to bring some grocery stuff from a nearby store. I remember the day too it was Sunday and 4th day of Jan 2009, morning around 6:54 am sun rays were just started showing up on the road and I heard a familiar sound of a vehicle and my heart started beating faster and yes it started beating faster when I realized! And there she was going home from somewhere I don’t know and was smiling at me!! Look she was smiling, a pleasing smile and she looks right at me no one behind or aside me, just at me and pass by! Well I could not help my joy anymore I was at the seventh heaven for that very moment I thought that I got everything I had lost in this world and I did want it to last as long as possible. I too looked at her and smile and seemed like communication completed happily! She parks her scooter in front of her house and I stood somewhere 100 feet away near a house which is shaped like a hut, happily and unable to make any move or utter a word but just stare at her. For a few minutes we both stared at each other after some time she went inside her house and I too had to head towards my grocery store…..


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