Communication Matters A Lot!

“Welcome to KFC sir ! I am Jenny how may help you?” said one of the rep and I get engaged into thinking whether what i need to eat now as mostly not sure what to eat. I am pretty impressed with the concept which KFC follows towards customer engagement. I honestly don’t remember if this concept is followed in others franchise as well but this one really pleased me. I usually go to same store (as that is the only chicken store nearby my house 🙂 )twice a week and love to eat Zinger and Popcorn! Rest of the menu i keep on experimenting whenever bored. There isn’t a slightest change that i have found in quality of the food as well as the taste of it despite my friends complained a bit. Maybe my time wasn’t at all bad as for them :B one of my friends went to same store and said “yuck, they forgot to add salt in Stripes” and added “ but man they replaced the whole bucket and gave us few extra ones!” well that was complimentary!

On the way to office me and my buddy were damn hungry and just entered the store and ordered our meal. When I asked for bill as usual I pulled my CC out and asked it to be swiped. The Rep looks around and tries to find something around and questions few staff members about something, later i get the news that they do not have a paper roll so they cannot swipe the card and would require liquid cash to purchase the item. Well mostly i dislike carrying cash as i very well know that i would do my best to not to let it remain in my wallet! So here this goes for another disappointment. My buddy didn’t have enough of the cash as the bill was nor did i have it, and i would not like walk to certain place and withdraw money as I would rather eat pizza by walking some distance if they didn’t have such facility. Well that wasn’t the case I have had meals numerous times or should I say most of the times ? in the same store and always used my swiping facility. Nothing has disappointed me more than the communication part in this situation. I planned to fill a feedback form however was not in the mood to nor thought to write an email as my schedule was totally packed, all I had in my mind was to reach office ASAP.

I still love to eat in KFC store because you do not have any other store serving the same food 😀

Well I do understand there always can be a communication gap due to certain issues but can’t those be avoided? This seemed a really minor one but it surely could drive customers away if not me!


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