I can’t believe if this was a nightmare or reality

Today’s incident was kind of close call of my life. Today as usual I was coming home by company provided cab.

We cab mates were having same little chat about process and its earning while returning home. We had to drop Samara who is in PPI process with Chetan and Other guy at camp and then it would be my drop since other two lived at quite long distance. We were five people in the cab including the driver. Chetan, Samara, and other guy’s name I don’t know since he was new join. This is the first time I had this incident I have gone through. Of course how would you expect such things to happen regularly?

I am aware of the route to Samara’s house and so driver and Chetan.

The driver always would take a shorter route to reach her house. This time the guy took a long turn which I hated most. Why would you love to spend much of your time traveling when you can save it, when you’re aware of routes? Anyways this guy the driver drove his cab at the speed of 50 or so and tried crossing a one way route which is M.G Road. And suddenly there was a quick break scratching I heard. All of us in the cab realized that major accident was about happen and is avoided because of both drivers’ control.


I saw that this cab driver was about to cross the road that too at

Higher speed but didn’t pay heed whether a vehicle is passing by

or not which was the major reason this incident took place. And all of sudden I could see that there was a tempo appearing in front of the cab passing by or rather controlling its speed at the sight of our cab going in the middle of it as to get smashed. If our guy didn’t put breaks at right time we would either be in hospital or dead for sure.

Since the speed of both vehicles was high there was no chance of driver and front seated Chetan could be alive and back one’s couldn’t be guaranteed so far. It was just two seconds lateness that saved our life and I thank God for that and to that power which helped us through this. I want to blame the cab driver for that incident but also thank him   for controlling vehicle’s speed at right time which saved our life including his.


It made me understand that life could never be predicted even if you tried your best interest to make safer for you and people around you.



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