70 Years of Independence #SaluteyouIndianArmy

While the entire world lives this day as any other normal day, India has a reason to cheer on this day since it got it's independence. Independence to trade freely, independence to rule freely by its own people, independence to speak ill of anything and be not punished for because the constitution has a clause... Continue Reading →


My Solo Trip to Ankai Fort

So called solo trips are awesome only when you want to have time of your own, because you wouldn't want the same people around with different surroundings since it makes things little awkward because sometimes these small solo trips are important for you to rediscover yourself. Going out with buddies is fun and there's no... Continue Reading →

The Light Overshadows

The moment was awesome when he entered into a new world. He was like wow! What a great life I would make here. Everybody seemed cherising his welcome. The world seemed full of light to him as he started his journey on the earth. Well the world to him was his surrounding, the people around... Continue Reading →

Listen to Your Inner Voice

The begining seems so wow now. Maybe pastimes are considered the greatest times of our lifetime. Well,the struggling part feels so great at this very moment, maybe time heals all the wounds and keeps brighter side for the remembrance. I consider myself lost around those who I considere my family and my world because I... Continue Reading →

Let’s speak 

“Hi there! Yes, you hi! How are you?” I am good but who in the world are you and bother to ask me  such a stupid question! Well I thought of saying that but that would be inappropriate of me so instead I frowned and waited for next dialogue. “Well you look ugly that way... Continue Reading →

The learning that must go on

Yesterday, I came across one of suggestions page on my Facebook wall. It had a picture of a man who stood on the hill and fog surrounded him. The caption said that "Write a short six word story that goes with this pic" and there were somewhere more than thousand comments in response to the... Continue Reading →

Happy Streets- Kalyani Nagar

It is a great pleasure to be part of this locality. Today I witnessed another happy Sunday by hundreds of Kalyanian's! The kind of activities these organiser's select is tremendously appreciable. The Happy Streets is an event organized on every Sunday in some or other locale. This event comprises of activities like, Cycling which is... Continue Reading →

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